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What are the implications of Covid-19?

These continue to be very trying times for everyone. The uncertainty of what our tomorrows may be like is overwhelming many. We are now in fifth wave of the pandemic - Omicron. If you haven't already done so, please get the booster vaccination as soon as possible to minimize the effect and transmissions of Covid -19 and its variants.

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We can all agree these times have been very anxious and unsure. In this section you will find various resources for helping you cope with the effects of Covid -19 as well as some parenting tips for stressful times! Feel free to share these videos and support resources with your family or friends. Thanks for connecting with us online!

Mental Health (Brett Ullman)

Mental Health - Exercise
Mental Health - Sleep
Mental Health - Diet
Mental Health - Connection
Mental Health - Less News
Mental Health - Counselling

Mental Health Resources

Many are expressing worry and anxiety these days, and here are some helps for those in that situation. (From Donna Galloway, MSW, RSW)

Mental Health Tips

  1. Keep routine in your day (get up at the same time, eat meals at regular times, etc.)
  2. Get showered and dressed as you normally would (engage in self-care as you normally would)
  3. Proper sleep (get up and go to bed as you normally would or even get a little more sleep – 7-9hrs) and healthy eating are very important
  4. Get some fresh air (go for a walk by yourself or with those you live with)
  5. Talk to at least one person (telephone, face time, etc.) at least once a day
  6. Only get your information from reliable sources
  7. Do things you enjoy (that you can do at home – reading, crafts, baking, puzzles, sewing, home projects, cleaning, etc.). These will distract your mind and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  8. Think of ways to help and support others (example: make cards for family and friends that you cannot visit, etc.)

Anxiety and panic attacks are very real. In case of emergency please dial 911, go to the emergency department of any hospital, or call County Crisis Services at 1-866-995-9933.

Parenting In Stressful Times